Mr. Olugbenga Adeolu

Mr. Olugbenga Adeolu



Business Advisor

Mr. Olugbenga Adeolu is a graduate of Accountancy. He also has technical training at first class Canadian academies making him a skilled member of the top Canadian construction carpenters, millwrights-industrial mechanics and multi-crafts union. Mr. Adeolu is a member of the Canadian Council on Africa based in Ottawa. He has a rare combination of multi-disciplinary expertise in multiple fields. He is the leading business advisor on this service. He currently resides in Saskatoon, Canada.

As the CEO of Zealand Nigeria Limited, a company of high class consultants incorporated in Nigeria and member of the Nigerian American Chamber Of Commerce, he has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in various fields.

He also has several years of Canadian work experience in many Canadian companies including: Sky Way Engineering, Walmart, Case New Holland, Siemens, Assa Abloy Systems, Breck Construction, Acklands Grainger Industrial Solutions, Simplex Grinnel Systems, Pinacle Stainless Steel.


Business Bridge Builder Role

His service provides a business bridge builder to fill the gap between Canadian companies who want to maintain Canadian values and ethics in their businesses established outside Canada, as well as have the benefit of a trusted and reliable investment information resource person who is Canadian by orientation.


Accomplished And Seasoned, Track record

Olugbenga Adeolu is an accomplished high level business advisor, his many skills include:

  • Technology transfer for rapid national industrialization
  • Providing full manufacturing industry technologies for developing countries
  • Transforming a developing nation to big exporter of all types of manufactured products
  • FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) National Growth Policy And Strategy Advisory
  • International Trade and Export Market Consulting
  • Multi-million jobs creation via industrial technology transfer
  • Empowering developing countries to build hi-tech enabled micro, SME, heavy industries
  • Mergers & Acquisition Negotiator And Advisor
  • Contract Negotiator, Finder And Agent
  • Business Development, Corporate Strategy, and Start-Up Analyst
  • Sales and Strategic Marketing
  • National budget revenue expansion by technology based, high profit government business
  • Defense Industry and National Security Consulting
  • National Food Security and Hi-Tech Enabled Famine Prevention
  • Poverty Reduction and Wealth Creation
  • Rapidly growing National GDP by Proven Techniques
  • High Output Agriculture, Powered by New Technology for small/Large Scale Mechanized Farming


His track record with clients is solid, having worked as business opportunity and investment finder, agent, business analyst, African export market analyst, and business advisor for several client companies in Canada owned by Canadians.

Sectors of Canadian industry and institutions for which he has provided business advisory services to clients include:

  • Advanced Technology Tools And Equipment Manufacturing
  • Banks And Financial institutions
  • Embassies and National Diplomatic Missions
  • Real Estate And Property Development
  • Hospitality And Entertainment Industry
  • Retail Sales And Chain Stores
  • Defense And Security Products Manufacturing

This business advisory service works with large contract teams having many dozens of highly qualified Canadian and multinational technicians, technologists, and other professionals with decades of rich experience in various fields of expertise, including science and advanced technology, finance and economics, national defense and security, social welfare and development, industrialization, global marketing and international trade.