Free service

A general assessment of your line of investment or business to determine if you could have a profitable venture in Nigeria. This service is provided free as a voluntary service to the Canadian business community. 


Paid service

This has three levels, and the client chooses what levels they require.

Customized, detailed business information and research report on the feasibility, viability, profitability, sustainability and methodology of establishing your specific business line in Nigeria based on your peculiar trade, service, product, or investment. 

This starts with you sharing your business goals with the advisor, helping him to understand what you sell. It continues with a trip to Nigeria to ascertain how and where your business fits into the Nigeria economy, vital statistics – including a feasibility advisory report, profitability expectation report, and a prediction SWOT analysis of your business in infancy when established in Nigeria . 

The service requires the business advisor to travel to Nigeria for the above assignment. 

The business advisor will deliver and interpret this report to you on arrival back in Canada from Nigeria.

A fee is paid for the service.

Next is taking the client on an optional trade mission to Nigeria, this joint trip is organized and managed by the experienced business advisor. This trip will show the client around the markets for his business and allows him to see the big opportunities available for his company in the selected city or cities of investment. Thus the client is enabled and furnished with hands-on personal assessment of the business environment he is investing in.

A separate fee is also paid for the trade mission.


This is full scale business advisory and a premium service. 

You will be given details needed to establish and grow your business in Nigeria from infancy to maturity. 

It includes, but not limited to the following: 

  • Determination of how many cities to start up 
  • Selection of office, shopping mall or factory location in each city 
  • Local employees recruitment advice and Canadian ethics training 
  • Details of competition if there is any and a SWOT analysis of major competitors’ businesses. 
  • How to source cheaper local materials and input along the value added chain. 
  • Information on relevant government regulations, policies, regulatory agencies, and statistics. 
  • Pricing advisory 
  • Expansion advisory 
  • Contingency exit plan 
  • Multiplier or auxiliary investment opportunities. 
  • Analysis of social and security status of operating environment in each relevant city. 
  • Advisory on living environment for Canadian expatriate workers. 
  • Two year profitability analysis 
  • Fixed assets deployment advisory 
  • Marketing advisory, including advertising, branding and sales strategy 
  • Advice on social acceptance, social integration, and corporate social responsibility 
  • Business registration and incorporation advice with client’s appointed agent 
  • Advice on methodology for repatriation of profits to Canada 
  • Advice on choice of accounts auditors, law attorneys, tax consultants, insurance brokers for all kinds of industrial, commercial, and personal coverage. 
  • Advice on recreation, e.g. golf clubs, boating, yacht clubs, international holiday resorts, Canadian owned walk-in clinics. 

Usually, this fee is a six digit amount for most clients. The fee could also be a percentage of the sum being invested or a negotiated amount charge. 


This is after the business advisor has submitted reports on level two, and the client wishes to use his services in any other regard within his scope of competence, to further client’s operations. For example, a client could ask the advisor to select precise land locations or a precise shopping mall and proceed to engage a property lawyer and realtor for the purchase of such property. 

A negotiated fee is charged for this service. 

All service fees are non-refundable after the business advisor commences your assignment. 

All service fees are paid to the business advisor in his personal capacity as owner. The business operates in his personal name.